Video highlights

Below is a brief selection of videos, both formal and informal, in which I talk about space, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, data visualization, or all three.

And stay tuned for a new series in 2020! Details to come later.

How do you hold a dead star in your hand? This talk was presented at TEDx Providence in 2016. In it, Kim discusses visualizing information about a supernova remnant in three dimensions, why we would care, and what we can do with that kind of data.


Discover how the Chandra X-ray telescope has revolutionized astronomy and our understanding of the Universe. Kimberly Arcand was a producer on the show and also participated in interviews for it.

Space exploration produces immense amounts of data: how does that become knowledge that anyone can understand, and why does it matter? Smithsonian expert Kimberly Arcand offers a glimpse into her career in "data visualization" - translating bits and bytes into pictures and stories that bring astrophysical phenomena to life.

Kim stops by to chat with GoLocal Providence LIVE on 2018-03-07 about dead stars in virtual reality, dinosaur footprints, and why she is excited to celebrate 20 years of her favorite X-ray telescope.


A newly released three-dimensional virtual reality and augmented reality experience of 3D data allows you to walk inside the debris from a massive stellar explosion. Kimberly Arcand, of the Chandra X-ray Observatory, joined us on "The Rhode Show" to explain. She also talked about her new book, "Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe".